Photo Hands Globe“Many high school aged youth fail to make the most of their school experience simply because they lack a focused career plan. Dr. Richardson has effectively helped our organization develop systems that aid students in formulating a greater understanding of their abilities and career interests so that they begin to develop career plans.”  — Dr. Michael Erwin, Administrative Director, Middle Bucks Institute of Technology

“The Find Your Wings, Career Exploration Program is exciting, stimulating and the youth were intensively engaged. The youth started out as a group of strangers, but later became friends who supported each other throughout the workshop. This program challenged the youth to reach for bigger dreams and also gave them a game plan to achieve their dreams. This is a program that will make our youth the champions we know that they can become.” — Peggy Futch, Site Director, Logan Olney Neighborhood Center, Carson Valley Children’s Aid & Charlene Samuels, Logan Olney EPIC Stakeholder Coordinator

“My daughter’s experience in Dr. Helen Richardson’s workshop was awesome! The program gave her a new outlook on her talents and strengths. She has information to make good career choices and to guide her along her future career path. I highly recommend this excellent program to all parents, and strongly suggest that they enroll their children in this and any other programs conducted by Dr. Richardson!” — Merrill Brown, Parent

Comments from students in the Penn Medicine Pipeline Program:

“That stuff she showed us we didn’t learn from anywhere else and the activities were productive. I liked learning that I’m a beaver and kinesthetic learner.”

“The class helped me realize that the career path I want to do is actually right for me based on my personality and learning style.”