Boy-in-ClassroomCareer Exploration and Work Readiness Workshops

Find Your Wings’ provides workshops during the school day, as after school programs, as summer programs, or as weekend retreats. The approach is modular and customizable. Through collaborations with counselors and administrators from non-profits, public/private schools and religious organizations we create programs that help grow the career success potential of 4th-12th grade students.

 Find Your Wings training focuses on cultivating and discovering:

  1. Strengths (Temperament, Interests, Skills, Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences, Personality Type)
  2. Career Relationship Strategies (Networking, Social Media, Requesting and Receiving Feedback)
  3. Career Decision Making (Career Planning, School Course Selection, Internships
  4. Effective Team Participation
  5. Career Work-Readiness (Gifts and Limits of School and Work, Business Etiquette, Interviewing)
  6. Resume Writing (cover letters, career internet sites)

Students learn to apply their new self-knowledge to:

  • Become energized and learn to appreciate their potential
  • Gain a Positive Perspective on life, work and how they fit into the world
  • Learn to appreciate and can articulate their learning style
  • Apply new self-knowledge to make empowered curriculum and career choices

These highly interactive sessions involve individual and group exercises, as well as homework assignments that engage participants with adults outside of the workshop.

Career Campteens

The Find Your Wings summer camp comprises a 2-week, on-campus total immersion experience for 4th through  11th grade youth to truly explore the world of work through hands-on projects mentored by seasoned professionals. This program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to thrive in an ethnically diverse, income-blind, non-judgmental environment. The environment is designed to help youth to build their dreams, crystallize their desires and to develop the discipline to make their dreams come true. Our goal is to help youth to visualize their legacies and to see themselves.

The camp was created to:

  • Improve the disparities in high school graduation rates of minority youth and to increase
    possibilities of post-secondary education.

  • Decrease the current first year college drop-out rate of approximately 40% among all students.

  • Stir up an underlying motivation for youth to pursue career paths that bring them satisfaction
    as well as a living.

  • Create opportunities for youth to dialogue, question and develop a greater understanding
    of each others heritage so that they can celebrate and leverage differences
    and find places of common ground.

  • Gain comfort and appreciation for our multi-cultural world as a critical success factor in our rapidly changing global economy of which these youth will play a role.

Parent Workshops, Counselors and Service Providers

The workshops help participants to ignite the flame and provide the structure for effective support for youth to achieve what they envision. Participants learn to replace fear/frustration of an unchartered future for their youth with optimistic, practical tools that can be used to support their efforts.
During the mini-workshops participants learn to

  • Uncover your strengths and skills, similar to the youth’s program
  • Examine self-perception and how it applies to how you currently motivate youth
  • Learn to re-enforce what the youth participants learn during the workshops


Inspiring and informative presentations on:

• The three D’s of Find Your Wings – Dreams, Desires and Discipline. Landmarks on

the career journey. Presenter Dr. Helen Richardson

• The Tuskegee Airman experience, early African American aviators and African

American military history. Presenter Dr. Eugene Richardson, Jr. – original Tuskegee

Airman for all audiences.